Case Study

Personal care brand experienced sales spike through promotions that connected products in the range

This oral care brand wanted to sell out a product to make space for the new one. We achieved that goal and boosted sales of a complementary product with one campaign.


  • Healthcare

325% Increase in on-pack redemption versus prior campaign

2 Number of products experiencing sales growth


The client needed to sell out stock of a toothpaste to make way for a new product soon to launch.


We saw an opportunity to achieve the goal and sales growth in another product pairing a promotion for toothpaste with a complementary discount on toothbrushes in the range.


Discounts for the toothpaste were distributed as physical and digital coupons. A second coupon for toothbrush discount was added to the toothpaste pack.


The campaign achieved the initial aim and delivered the highest redemption rates for on-pack promotion for the client due to the relevance of the promotion.

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