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Campari UK wanted to create a post lockdown digital campaign to encourage trial of Aperol Spritz in bars across the UK. The aim was to attract brand attention, increase on-trade sales and promote the social responsibility angle by encouraging consumers to make a donation to the ‘Shaken Not Broken’ fund. The Fund was created by Campari UK and aims to offer support to front-line workers hit hardest in the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Using the tagline ‘Buy a Spritz and share a Spritz free!’ Aperol made 100,000 free Aperol Spritz available. Consumers could then get a cashback refund of £8 for two free Aperol Spritz measures or donate a chosen amount to the ‘Shaken Not Broken’ fund. Aperol also wanted to give consumers a campaign that gave them a choice to receive cash back money for themselves or to donate some of the cashback to the Shaken not Broken Fund.

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Using the savi 100% digital cashback solution, we helped to devise a campaign where consumers visited the venue, registered their details online and purchased the product at the bar. They then uploaded a copy of their purchase receipt direct to the branded microsite using a mobile phone ~ claiming their refund (by BACS or PayPal) and giving an option to donate to the Fund. We also managed the process to make the payments to the client’s chosen charity, reporting full charity and consumer payment details to the client.


The consumer engagement had over 33,000 campaign registrations overall and the consumer data collection will hopefully benefit for future campaigns. It also gave a large increase in sales in participating bars. Campari UK received positive PR around the gifted charity amounts calculated and donated to the ‘Shaken not Broken’ fund. The client is now looking to roll this style of campaign out across several other brands.

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