Achieve your promotional goals and objectives with our custom solutions.

Connecting shoppers, retailers, and brands seamlessly.

savi has more than 50 years of history providing services for brands and has developed a promotions platform for them to reach more shoppers, drive more sales, and resolve customer claims more effectively.


With mobile, digital, or printed coupons we’ll help you to reach your target audience.

Cashback and Rewards

Drive repeat sales by rewarding loyal customers through a compelling cashback campaign.


Create awareness, drive engagement and gather shopper data with prize promotions and competitions.

Consumer Care

Satisfy consumers and build relations with efficient customer care resolutions.


Effective cashback and coupon promotions that drive customer loyalty without the fuss.

Financial Settlement

Trusted and secure handling, validation and settlement from set up until final payments clear the bank.

Digital Coupon Clearing

Instant, secure, and accurate electronic coupon clearing transforming the retail landscape.

case studies

How a cashback campaign helped Hasbro to exceed goals by over 200%

Achieving 67% mobile coupon redemption rates for sales of Love Corn

How a cashback campaign drove sales across LG’s electrical range

Growing brand loyalty for Pravha beer

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