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Resolve claims and reimburse shoppers effectively with savi's Carelink platform.



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Carelink is savi’s Consumer Care platform that gives care agents the power to instantly generate the precise reimbursement required for any issue or complaint.

Providing high-value vouchers or digital low-value coupons to replace unsatisfactory products, or generating direct cash transfers when only a refund or compensation will do.

Our Carelink platform can be configured, branded, and accessed by agents from anywhere in the world.  

Multinational corporations can take advantage of the significant financial and operational gains that come from the capacity to make cash refunds and distribute branded coupons at scale. 

Carelink is the best way for any brand to efficiently handle product recalls, compensation, refunds, and goodwill gestures in an instant.


How Carelink works anywhere 24/7

Customer claim created by
Care Agent

Agent generates digital coupons or cash transfer link in Carelink

Renumeration delivered to customer via email

Claim resolved,
customer satisfied!

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