digital coupon

Coupon processing and clearing for today’s marketplace.

Secure and trusted electronic coupon clearing for retailers and brands.

savi’s intelligent digital platform connects retailers and brands providing a closed-loop, real-time coupon validation and settlement for paper and mobile coupons at the point-of-sale.

How it works

Coupon generated (print or mobile)
Shopper receives coupon
Coupon barcode scanned at till
ePOS sends barcode to Verso, our e-clearing platform
Verso checks coupon data is valid for offer
ePOS accepts or declines coupon
Verso logs burns barcode so it cannot be reused
Coupon data logged, retailer reimbursed and brand invoiced

The benefits of having savi’s digital clearing based  financial settlement as a service.



savi digital coupon clearing


real-time financial settlement

Savi has developed digital technology that enables retailers to clear coupons instantly and accurately at the point of sale. 

Our innovative platform, nicknamed Verso, eliminates manual processes, allowing retailers to electronically process paper coupons, mobile coupons, and e-commerce promotions in seconds, ensuring a seamless checkout experience, the capture of valuable data whilst facilitating cash flow between retailers and brands.

This streamlines operations, improves customer satisfaction, and eliminates the risk of revenue loss due to fraudulent or expired coupons, not to mention the benefits to the environment. 

Standard clearing

savi has been processing and clearing coupons for over fifty years, managing more than £100m worth of redemptions annually. 

Our standard, manual clearing process is the result of decades of perfecting and streamlining the process to ensure it is done as rapidly and accurately as possible. Coupons are accepted by retailers across the UK and then collected by savi to be counted, checked, and reimbursed. 

We carefully process and validate each coupon, collecting data and ensuring that the retailer is correctly refunded for payments.

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