Achieve repeat sales and deeper customer connections with effective loyalty promotions.

Create simple loyalty schemes with big results.



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We know that half of shoppers will sign up for a loyalty programme in exchange for a coupon so why bother building an expensive app when savi’s loyalty solutions can provide a simple and effective alternative?

Running a loyalty programme can be challenging and requires a high initial outlay, costly ongoing maintenance, and then resource to keep content and offers fresh, and customers engaged. 

Our platform provides versatile loyalty services and incentives that drive shoppers to repeat purchases or buy across a range in return for genuine rewards whilst capturing data, verifying claims, and awarding coupons, discounts, prizes, or cash rewards at scale efficiently. 

We can use insights and reporting to build low-cost sequenced campaigns targeted towards consumers and how they engage with rewards.


How this 24/7 platform works:

Promotion set-up on our branded platform

Customer uploads data and receipts according to promotion rules

Claims checked and validated, customer kept informed

Rewards distributed to satisfied customers!

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