Supporting Lipton’s customer resolution across Europe

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Liptons Customer Care


When Lipton’s Teas and Infusions moved away from its previous owner, Unilever, it needed a smart way to resolve customer issues and complaints across Europe for all of its brands.


How we help

savi provides a comprehensive and effective solution for all of Lipton’s customer care agents to ensure customers are refunded, rewarded or compensated for any issue that needs swift resolution. Our Carelink platform can be accessed anywhere and used to create secure links to transfer cash directly into customer bank accounts for claims connected with any of their brands.

annual reimbursements

A more savi solution

Once Lipton’s UK care team discovered that savi’s Carelink solution could easily be expanded to other markets it has been rolled out into 15 different regions across Europe including Benelux, Spain and Portugal, France and Germany, making it far easier for their customer care team to rapidly solve any customer challenges that come their way no matter which Lipton brand it relates to.

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