Growing brand loyalty for Pravha beer

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To grow on-trade brand awareness and sales Pravha decided to run a  summer cashback campaign that encouraged consumers to ‘enjoy a Pravha on us’.  Consumers were targeted via ads on Facebook, Instagram and advertorial content such as BBC Good Food and directed to a claim page where they could upload a receipt and claim their free pint.

How we help

We used our cashback platform to provide Pravha with a branded landing page where consumers could register, claim and also find participating bars where they could grab their free pint during the two-month promotion. savi also provided careful claim processing including validations and cash payments directly into participants’ bank accounts.

free pints
claims submitted same day

A more savi solution

Our platform enabled Pravha to run an intuitive cashback campaign that was personalised depending on whether the consumer was participating from home or at a bar. It also sent updates to participants on the status of their claim as well as reminders to encourage them to submit their receipts and made it easy for them to find their nearest free pint.

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