Achieving 67% mobile coupon redemption rates for sales of Love Corn

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LOVE CORN Case Study


LOVE CORN is dedicated to making crunchy corn a beloved snack choice among consumers. As a brand on the rise, they aimed to achieve two key goals: boosting sales of their products at Tesco, a crucial retail partner, while also expanding their customer base through new subscriptions to their database.


The campaign

savi played a pivotal role in realising LOVE CORN’s uplifting campaign objectives by introducing a mobile coupon that gave customers a £1-off the price of sharing bags purchased at branches of Tesco. These digital coupons were strategically distributed across social media channels, effectively driving sales and footfall in the biggest UK retailer nationally.


of visitors from social ads signed-up
of sign-ups activated their mobile coupon
of all activated coupons redeemed in Tesco
“savi’s mobile coupons have been instrumental in driving sales growth for us, but their value extends beyond just revenue. The campaign encouraged consumers to engage with our content and provide contact data for us to communicate with. We also use the insights to help us understand our target market, their behaviour, and how they react to offers, allowing us to deliver more targeted and effective campaigns in the future.”
Lily Convey, Marketing Manager

A more savi solution

LOVE CORN launched a targeted paid social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook to engage and expand their snack enthusiasts’ community.

By adding a £1 discount mobile coupon, LOVE CORN propelled their campaign to new heights, effectively converting engaged consumers into active shoppers while generating new data for their CRM.

The results within 12 weeks were remarkable:

  • 46% of social media call-to-actions resulted in sign-ups.
  • Of those sign-ups, an impressive 32% activated their coupons.
  • 67% of the activated coupons were redeemed.

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