How a cashback campaign drove sales across LG’s electrical range

LG Cashback


To enhance brand awareness and boost sales, LG conducted a month-long cashback promotion that provided customers with added value when buying from their range of products, including TVs, fridge freezers, monitors, washing machines, speakers, and projectors.

The campaign

LG customers had the opportunity to claim cashback ranging from £50 to £500, contingent on their choice of product during a four-week promotional window.

The process for submitting claims was streamlined via a dedicated, branded microsite, allowing participants to easily upload their information, proof of purchase, and a snapshot of the product’s distinctive SKU code or serial number. All approved claims could receive their cash transfer soon after.

participating retailers 
average cashback refund value
valid claims

A more savi solution

savi played a crucial role in guaranteeing that  all valid shoppers enjoyed a positive experience while participating in LG’s successful cashback campaign.

  •  15-week claims period
  • Thorough item serial/SKU number & receipt verification
  • Rapid cash transfer processing

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