How a cashback campaign helped Hasbro to exceed goals by over 200%



Hasbro wanted to create a digital campaign with the objectives of attracting brand attention and increasing sales across three regions; Germany, the UK, and the Republic of Ireland trialling savi’s digital cashback mechanic to do so.

The campaign

Customers who purchased a Hasbro product could claim back 50% of the purchase up to a value of £50 or €60. To enter they were directed to a landing page via QR codes on retailer POS or website links where they easily registered and submitted claims.
Customers subsequently received email updates regarding the status of their claims. Successful claims were reimbursed via cash transfers or PayPal within 10 days.

conversion rate of site visits into claims
3 million
Likes on Facebook for the promotional post
sales goal increase

A more savi solution

savi revolutionised cashback for Hasbro and its customers. Our secure platform offered a branded landing page for receipt upload and personal data capture. Rigorous validation ensured accurate claims, followed by seamless cash transfers and regular customer communications. Our end-to-end solution provided not only convenience and peace of mind to Hasbro but a hugely popular campaign for shoppers and retailers.

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