Case Study

Leading dairy alternative provider Alpro joined savi to use their independent trade activation solution to incentivise retailers to stock their products

Sales agents activate linked vouchers to incentivise retailers to stock the brand. The retailer chooses to receive the discount via wholesaler or online. Brand receives valuable basket data.


  • Food and Beverage

53% Redemption rate

360 New stockists


With plant-based food products booming in recent years, Alpro wanted to improve their product distribution in the convenience sector where non-dairy products were not widely available. Alpro is aiming to be the leading non-dairy producer. Their intention is to expand into more retailers to achieve bigger shelf space and achieve more widespread use in bars, restaurants and coffee shops (Costa currently use Alpro as their non-dairy alternative).


To utilise Alpro’s nationwide field sales team to visit convenience retailers on the ground to engage and secure new retailers to stock their products. The sales team were able to incentivise retailers with a money off coupon for a wholesaler volume discount. This creates a digital record to enable the client to measure field sales agent progress & report which sales agents engaged with which retailers and – most importantly – which retailers went on to stock the product.


savi Independent Trade Activation solution allows for books of 50 £3 discount coupons, each with a unique code to be printed. Each sales agent received a book and, upon providing vouchers to the retailers, activated the codes through a simple QR code scan on their mobile phone. The retailer had the choice of taking the voucher to a wholesaler for a discount at till, or ordering online and claiming reimbursement by scanning the code on the voucher and providing bank details. Each unique coupon record was updated through the journey from sales agent to retailer, to product on shelf.


This achieved double the industry standard redemption rate for trade coupons of 53% and a greater visibility in the convenience sector as it encouraged non stockist retailers to engage with the sales agents as a financial incentive was on offer. This incentivised the sales force with the use of reports showing how many coupons each sales agent had distributed enabling the client to monitor agent performance for this promotion. We helped Alpro drive sales and created valuable data for Alpro to see the positive effect on sales and the number of new retailers stocking their products. Alpro successfully achieved greater product range adoption and retailer loyalty.

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