Promotions users spend more in store

Based on a study by GfK with 30,000 German households, we found that coupon users spend, on average, 16% more than non-users when shopping for grocery and health & beauty items. It’s not simply bargain hunters who are seeking out offers before going to store. Increasingly, higher income ‘sophisticated’ and ‘flexible’ shopper types are also […]

A Fluid Situation Needs a Fast, Flexible Response

We Can Help – Right Now We’ve created two packaged promotions that are ready to go now, specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by consumers and brands. 1. Re-engage Today Support consumers today whilst movements are restricted. Deliver branded savings as cashbacks. Discounts redeemable wherever consumers shop. Collect valuable insight and right to re-engage. […]

Solve the Immediate Challenges

A Rapid Response Our packaged cashback solution Re-engage Today can be up and running in less than two weeks, getting your discounts and products into consumers’ hands – nation-wide, in store and online, independent of retailer. And with more time to give feedback in return, consumers can provide you with valuable new data to inform […]

Secure Your Place in the New Normal

Back to Business Re-ignite your growth plans by driving people back into store and back to your brand. Reward to Rebuild uses our platform to build and run a branded web page – free of charge – delivering a gallery of offers for up to three months in the post-lockdown period. Get your discounts into […]

savi Uncovers New Motivations Driving Consumer Decision-making

Recent research from savi and Kantar Research in the US has uncovered fresh insights about the shopper journey and how it’s evolving. You can download the full report here.  We’ve pulled out the key findings which brands should consider when planning their next promotional campaign: 1. Consumers are going online to research products before they […]

It’s not always about cash back

With almost two-thirds of consumers saying that they always choose the same brands/products they usually buy[1] and with the rise of auto-replenishment services taking hold, there is increasing pressure on brands to differentiate themselves and encourage shoppers to move away from tried and tested products. In the last couple of years, cashback has proved an […]

Henkel and savi launch mobile coupons in Spain

Brands have been asking for years about mobile coupons and when they’ll finally become a reality in the marketplace. We’re proud to announce that we’ve piloted and launched a market-first mobile coupon solution for consumer products. We did this in partnership with Henkel. Shoppers are able to download discount coupons from Henkel cosmetic brands directly […]