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A Rapid Response

Our packaged cashback solution Re-engage Today can be up and running in less than two weeks, getting your discounts and products into consumers’ hands – nation-wide, in store and online, independent of retailer.

And with more time to give feedback in return, consumers can provide you with valuable new data to inform decisions and build relationships going forward. This fixed-scope package will be available to brands for as long as special measures are in place.

  • Re-engage with customers you’ve lost through shortages or disruption.
  • Incentivise new customers to try your product over others.
  • Learn more about your audience and earn the right to carry on engaging when controls are relaxed.

A Simple Solution

  1. We will create a simple web page with your branding. This will include:
    • Details of the offer
    • Clear instructions for how to redeem it
    • A questionnaire for collecting feedback (if required)
    • You promote via your own methods and channels – email, social media etc – driving consumers to the branded page
  2. Consumers provide details and proof of purchase and opt in to future promotions.
  3. Using our Cashback & Rewards engine, savi teams check and validate claims, reimbursing shoppers and collecting contact details for future engagement.

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