Henkel and savi launch mobile coupons in Spain


Brands have been asking for years about mobile coupons and when they’ll finally become a reality in the marketplace. We’re proud to announce that we’ve piloted and launched a market-first mobile coupon solution for consumer products. We did this in partnership with Henkel.

Shoppers are able to download discount coupons from Henkel cosmetic brands directly onto their mobile phones. They can then redeem these easily in store. The first campaign is being run in partnership with Marvimundo, a Spanish health and beauty retail chain with other major retailers integrating to our platform throughout 2020.

Through our promotions platform, brands can now trace the shopper journey from digital channels to an in store sale – seeing who redeems a promotion and where they exchange it in real time. This gives them the power to create more targeted and effective campaigns. Laura Noguera, Head of Digital Marketing at Henkel Iberian Beauty Care Retail, says “the rapidity in distribution and the immediacy in the exchange offer real-time promotions behaviour data that facilitates decision making.”

Retailers have a lot to gain too. With integration of our platform at POS, the validation process is so fast that it improves waiting times at till. It also decreases the waiting time for re-imbursement from brands. Ginés Rosa Baños, Sales Director of Marvimundo, states “we are proud to be one of the first distribution chains in our country that offers its customers the possibility of redeeming their promotions through their mobile phone. This new solution reinforces our commitment to innovation and to improving the experience of our customers in stores”.

Want to know more? Learn more about our mobile coupon and real-time redemption at POS solutions.

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