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Re-ignite your growth plans by driving people back into store and back to your brand. Reward to Rebuild uses our platform to build and run a branded web page – free of charge – delivering a gallery of offers for up to three months in the post-lockdown period.

  • Get your discounts into shoppers’ hands quickly, cost-effectively and with maximum impact
  • Coupons accepted by almost every retailer in the country, from supermarkets to independents
  • Promote as many lines as you want.

How it Works

  1. We will create promotional barcoded coupons for distribution across multiple channels,
  2. These will be published as a coupon gallery, hosted on a branded web site built by savi. Create as many offers as you like, across ranges and variants
  3. Shoppers print selected coupons – or the whole gallery – and present them at checkout in store to redeem
  4. savi receives and records the barcode data on redeemed coupons, and feeds the data back to you, providing valuable insight into engagement, redemptions by retailer and other metrics.

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