savi Uncovers New Motivations Driving Consumer Decision-making


Recent research from savi and Kantar Research in the US has uncovered fresh insights about the shopper journey and how it’s evolving. You can download the full report here.  We’ve pulled out the key findings which brands should consider when planning their next promotional campaign:

1. Consumers are going online to research products before they buy

Reviews, blogs, and brand websites are all popular places for consumers to gather information about products and brands. Our research found that six in 10 consumers research products before making a purchase decision. This is especially true with parents who are even more information driven than the average. Information is easier to find these days with the help of online tools like apps and search engines, which strengthen consumer confidence in purchasing. Distributing incentives as part of these fact-finding journeys is therefore a good way to push consumers from consideration to purchase.

2. Shoppers short circuit their purchasing journey

Consumers are expediting their shopping; with a significant majority of consumers stating that they want to get their shopping done as quickly as possible. Two-thirds of consumers also said they always choose the same brands or products. Affinity for repeat purchases has led 24% of consumers to use autoreplenishment services.

This poses both an opportunity and a challenge for brands. To acquire new shoppers and convince them to move away from their tried and tested products, brands may now need to consider offering targeted high-value discounts or money-back guarantees. If fortunate enough to have these dedicated customers, brands should not take them for granted and consider how they can reward their customers for their loyalty – be that by offering discounts for repeat purchases or building a points-based rewards programme.

3. The journey is social

Word-of-mouth has always been important for the purchasing journey. With the advent of social shopping and influencer-brand collaborations, however, the world of peer influence becomes a whole new ball game. Thirty percent of consumers (and 51% of millennials) will try new products based on influencers’ recommendations. With some online personalities having millions of adoring fans, this is a good way to reach a broad audience. To gain maximum impact from these collaborations, some brands are also including links to cashback offers or coupons to print at home.

Consumers also expect brands to step up and quickly resolve complaints over social media. Thirty percent of consumers wanted brands to “respond immediately” if they share a negative experience with the brand online. As we’ve seen with some of our large manufacturer clients, resolving customer complaints quickly can convert unhappy customers into loyal brand advocates if done quickly and promptly.

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