What do the new HFSS regulations mean for coupons and vouchers?

HFSS regulation update and coupons

New regulations are poised to reshape the promotion of less healthy food and drink for brands and retailers. Currently set to launch in October 2025, the strict changes are aimed at tackling rising obesity rates and saving the NHS millions of pounds. The path to reform has been a complicated one and the outcome is still uncertain, but as coupon promotion experts, savi decided to look closer at how they might be affected.

Mobile coupons to make a difference as two-thirds of shoppers will cut back this Christmas

This Christmas season is shaping up to be difficult for shoppers, with rising mortgage, grocery and energy costs. According to a recent IPA survey, around two-thirds of UK adults will cut back on their holiday spending due to the escalating cost of living. This echoes savi’s findings from last year, which also pointed to mobile coupons as a favoured solution among many shoppers.

Powering up new product development with mobile coupons

In today’s busy marketplace staying ahead of the curve requires a careful blend of innovation and customer engagement. Mobile coupons have emerged as a dynamic tool when it comes to boosting customer loyalty and plays a pivotal role in driving new product development.