savi in The Grocer: Why mobile coupons can power-up your next campaign.

The Grocer savi mobile coupons article

The Grocer was curious about how our mobile coupons power up shopper marketing, so we shared some recent campaign successes to show how they can accomplish goals and boost activation effectively.

In today’s marketing landscape, mobile coupons have emerged as a potent tool, catering to the evolving needs of consumers and the environmental consciousness of our times.

In a survey run last year, savi discovered that over a third of shoppers rely on coupons to get by, and 44% prefer them to any other kind of promotion[savi]. This confirms their increasing reliance on special offers to stretch budgets, coupled with the convenience of mobile devices for shopping, proving that mobile coupons are ready for their big moment in marketing.

How coupons can activate a campaign

As consumers transition from print and paper coupons to a digital era, the possibilities for mobile coupons are exciting, making them a versatile component of modern marketing campaigns. From introducing new products to rewarding loyal shoppers to building a database – there are so many ways in which coupons can activate a campaign.

So, why should suppliers consider embracing mobile coupons in their marketing strategy?

1. Bring activations to life

Mobile coupons inject vitality into marketing campaigns by bridging the gap between engagement and actual sales, making innovative gamification and experiential campaigns more rewarding when combined with mobile coupons.

A standout example is Coca-Cola, where the company’s activation team was looking for new ways to engage consumers and get them to trial their Zero Sugar brand, while driving footfall into stores.

Their recent augmented reality #takeataste campaign using savi’s mobile coupons, resulted in unprecedented participation and positive feedback. “The first-of-its-kind, digital out-of-home AR campaign enabled thirsty fans to grab a virtual Coca-Cola Zero Sugar straight off a digital poster by scanning a QR code, then follow a map and exchange it for the real thing in a participating Tesco Group store,” they said. “savi seamlessly managed our coupon delivery and the redemption process and feedback from consumers and customer partners has been positive.”

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