Is your marketing leveraging this year’s major sports events?

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While temperatures might still be low, summer is just around the corner, and the world of sports is gearing up for some of the most anticipated events of the year including the Euros, Olympics, Paralympics, and T20 World Cup, as well as perennial favourites like Wimbledon and the Tour de France.

How can you tap into the excitement of these events and connect with fans through marketing campaigns? In our latest blog post, we delve into brands that have leveraged digital coupons and rewards to drive more activation, and share some of our favourite examples.

1. Pringles ‘Pringoooals’ Football Promotion

Pringles ran regular football-themed on-can promotions that coincided with the Euros tournaments without being official sponsors. By carefully steering their comms away from protected logos and trademarked assets they cleverly stuck with a football theme  by giving away footballs, kit bags and sporty digital vouchers every 90 minutes during Euros season.

2. Adidas’ Marathon Cash Back Challenge

Adidas launched the Marathon Cash Back Challenge coinciding with major marathon events like the London Marathon. Participants were encouraged to purchase Adidas running gear and register their purchases online. After completing the marathon, participants could submit their race results along with proof of purchase to receive cash back rewards based on their finishing times. This innovative promotion not only incentivised athletes to choose Adidas products for their races but also provided a tangible reward for their achievements

3. Red Bull’s Stratos Space Jump

 Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking space jump, seizing global attention in 2012. During the live broadcast, viewers were prompted to text a code to a designated number to receive mobile coupons for discounted Red Bull products. Integrating mobile coupons with this historic event spurred immense participation, with viewers eagerly redeeming discounts on Red Bull merchandise. The campaign reinforced Red Bull’s association with extreme sports and drove sales through mobile coupon redemption.

4. Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine Surprise

Coca-Cola sponsored a “Happiness Machine” at a sports stadium, dispensing complimentary drinks to unsuspecting fans. Alongside the drinks, the machine distributed mobile coupons for discounted Coca-Cola products at nearby concession stands. The surprise and delight of receiving free drinks from the Happiness Machine, paired with mobile coupons, created memorable experiences for fans. Attendees eagerly redeemed their coupons, resulting in increased sales and heightened brand loyalty.

5. Under Armour’s Paralympics Cash Back Challenge

Under Armour launched the Paralympics Cash Back Challenge in support of Paralympic athletes. Customers who purchased select Under Armour gear designed for adaptive sports were eligible to receive cash back rewards upon submission of their receipts and a brief testimonial about their experience using the products. This promotion not only provided financial incentives for consumers to support Paralympic athletes but also highlighted Under Armour’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation in sports apparel.

These examples showcase how brands can easily integrate innovative digital promotions with major sporting events to drive consumer engagement, product sales, and brand loyalty. With savi’s user-friendly suite of digital coupon and cashback solutions, whether you’re a sponsor or not, you can still plan a promotion connected to this summer’s sporting events, just take a look at some of our cashback and coupon case studies here for inspiration.

There’s still time to seize the moment and run a sport-themed promotion this year, connect with our team now to explore how we can help your brand plan a winning digital coupon or rewards campaign.

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