Powering up new product development with mobile coupons

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Now that savi have launched mobile coupons into the market we wanted to take a closer look at how significant they can be when delivering growth and awareness for new product brands.

The evolution of mobile coupons

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and the surge in digitalization, traditional paper coupons are making way for their tech-savvy counterpart: mobile coupons. Mobile coupons leverage the convenience and ubiquity of smartphones, allowing businesses to deliver personalized offers directly to their customers’ devices. This seamless accessibility enables shoppers to engage with brands on the go, fostering much deeper relationships.

A catalyst for launch

Launching a new product or service can be a make-or-break task for brands. Their success depends on the ability to capture consumer interest and drive trial. Savi’s mobile coupons serve as a strategic catalyst for new product development by incentivising customers to try something new for free or with a discount.

By strategically aligning mobile coupon campaigns with new product launches, brands can create a sense of excitement and urgency among their target audience. The appeal of a special offer serves as a compelling invitation for customers to explore the unique features and benefits of a new product with less of a risk.

Data-driven insights for new products

One of the greatest advantages of savi’s mobile coupons is their ability to collect valuable data on customer behaviour and preferences. Through redemption rates, engagement metrics, and customer feedback, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers’ purchasing habits and product preferences.

Data analytics derived from our mobile coupon campaigns provide a treasure trove of information that informs new product development strategies. Armed with this knowledge, businesses can identify market gaps, refine product features, and adapt offerings to align with evolving customer needs.

Strengthening customer engagement and loyalty

Beyond driving trial for new products, our mobile coupons are instrumental in strengthening customer engagement and loyalty. By segmenting offers based on customer preferences, shopping history, and demographics, businesses can tailor their mobile coupon campaigns to resonate with specific audience segments. Our geo-targeting capabilities amplify this even more by ensuring that our mobile coupon campaigns are delivered to precisely the correct audience geographically to ensure they hit just right.

This sense of exclusivity and personalization cultivated through mobile coupons fosters a deeper emotional connection between customers and brands leading to increased levels of retention and advocacy, bolstering brand loyalty and recurring sales.

Mobile coupons represent a powerful tool for brands seeking to amplify their new product development initiatives and cultivate lasting customer relationships. By leveraging the accessibility and personalization of mobile coupons, brands can tempt shoppers to try new products, whilst gathering invaluable data insights, and enhancing customer engagement.

Find out more about running a powerful mobile coupon campaign on social, online, in-print or OOH by contacting one of our team here.

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