Festival fever: Boosting in-store sales with mobile coupons.

As festival season approaches, businesses are gearing up to capitalise on the energy and bustling crowds that these events attract. Among the myriad of strategies employed, one tactic stands out for its effectiveness at driving in-store sales: mobile coupons.

How a cashback campaign can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Research conducted by savi at the end of last year revealed that one in three shoppers are influenced by cashback promotions. We also learned that the cost of living is driving up their expenditure, resulting in cutbacks across all areas of their weekly spending and not just on food.

The Grocer Gold Awards 2024 to be sponsored by savi again!

Shine a light on your team’s achievements by entering The Grocer Gold Awards for 2024. Once again, savi is proud to sponsor the biggest awards event in the grocery calendar and looks forward to honouring some of our clients, amongst the very best of UK FMCG and grocery at the iconic Royal Albert Hall awards ceremony in July.

How can brands get a fair share of sales this summer?

Grocery multiples sales for the Coronation topped expectations at £2.8bn, but whilst total sales are on the increase, the growth of supermarket own-label products is now double that of brands. Can brands still regain the loyalty of budget-conscious shoppers?