Festival fever: Boosting in-store sales with mobile coupons.

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As festival season approaches and brands gear up to capitalise on the energy and bustling crowds that these events attract, one new tactic stands out for its effectiveness at driving in-store sales: mobile coupons.

This summer will see a host of festivals – from music to culture, food and drink to wellness – each offering a prime environment for brands to showcase their products and engage with a captive audience. Here are our top six ways brands can harness mobile coupons to maximise their festival presence and convert excitement into tangible revenue at retailers.

1Setting the Stage: The Festival Advantage

Brands will have themed zones, tents, sampling stations, and experiential installations all focused on winning festival goers’ attention before they get attracted by the next stand. By adding a QR code to your branding and instantly sharing a mobile coupon, brands can retain that attention and stay relevant long after the festival ends. The festival-goer will have a generous reminder from the brand via a mobile coupon delivered by email or text, activating them into trying it again, for free or with a discount, but in a retail setting.

2. Seamless Redemption, Seamless Experience

Mobile coupons streamline the redemption process, offering festival-goers a frictionless experience from sampling at a summer event to buying the product at their local retailer.  With just a few taps on their smartphones, attendees can access exclusive deals and discounts, eliminating the need for brands to hand out sample products, printed coupons or cumbersome sign-up processes. This simplicity enhances the overall festival experience, allowing customers to seamlessly transition from browsing to purchasing.

3. Create Urgency and FOMO

Use mobile coupons to inject a sense of urgency and exclusivity into the festival atmosphere. By offering limited-time deals or promotions that are exclusive to festival attendees, brands can create a fear of missing out effect, driving individuals to act quickly to capitalise on the opportunity. This urgency not only increases redemption rates but also encourages immediate visits to physical stores to make purchases.

4. Tailor  Offers for Personalised Engagement

Offering personalisation is key to standing out in a sea of festival vendors. Mobile coupons enable brands to tailor offers based on attendee demographics, preferences, and past purchasing behaviour. Whether it’s a special discount on a favourite product or a buy-one-get-one offer on a popular item, personalised coupons resonate with customers on a personal level, fostering stronger connections and driving conversion.

5. Use Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement and measureable ROI

The beauty of mobile coupons lies in their ability to provide actionable insights through data analytics. By tracking redemption rates, customer engagement metrics, and in-store sales attributed to coupon usage, brands gain valuable feedback on the effectiveness of their festival campaigns. This data-driven approach empowers brands to refine their strategies in real-time, optimising future efforts for even greater impact.

6. Extend the Festival Experience Beyond the Event

While festivals may only last a few days, the impact of mobile coupons can extend far beyond the event itself. By encouraging attendees to visit physical stores to redeem their coupons, brands have the opportunity to convert one-time festival visitors into long-term customers. Furthermore, by capturing customer data during the coupon redemption process, brands can nurture ongoing relationships through targeted marketing and personalised offers.

So, as you gear up for the next festival season, consider the potential of mobile coupons in elevating your brand presence, driving in-store sales, and creating memorable experiences for your customers. Just adding  QR codes or links to your festival branding can deliver mobile coupon incentives that activate shoppers long after the party ends.
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