The Grocer’s New Product Awards Shortlist announced

The Grocer New Product Awards

The recent unveiling of The Grocer’s New Product and Packaging Awards shortlist has been of great interest since this year’s selection combines some of the UK’s best-loved brands venturing into uncharted territory alongside emerging and innovative new products. As proud sponsors and judges of this annual prestigious event, we’ve explored some of the key trends we noticed that define 2023’s new product landscape.

Across the shortlist a common theme of creativity and imagination shines through which is noteworthy in light of the current cost-of-living challenges and consumers being more cautious about trying out new products.

Plant-based foods

The shortlist showcases a remarkable surge in free-from and plant-based options, with around thirty items on display. These range from traditional meat alternatives to pioneering creations that promise to entice shoppers.

Healthier Eating

Healthier eating and alternatives take centre-stage across categories like crisps, nuts, snack bars, and desserts, reflecting the preferences of health-conscious consumers.

Another notable trend is the use of new ingredients and the creation of healthier alternatives to popular items, aligning with potential future HFSS regulations.


The rising costs of dining-out are addressed through a variety of new products, from noodles and rice to condiments and ready-made meals, catering to those seeking restaurant-quality experiences at home, a trend that emerged during the pandemic.

The 2023 shortlist for The Grocer’s New Product and Packaging Awards clearly represents a dynamic FMCG industry, showcasing innovation, adaptability, and a response to changing consumer needs,  discover the full shortlist here.

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