Mobile Coupons drive consumers to store, faster


Together with Lupa, we ran tests over the summer to learn how mobile coupons can be used to drive consumers to store and how they behave differently to paper coupons. Lupa is a leading supermarket in northern Spain and one of the first to accept mobile coupons in all of their stores.

  • Mobile is preferred – 85% of coupons in the test were redeemed in a mobile format, either through a mobile website such as or in Lupa’s mobile app
  • Mobile shoppers act faster – mobile coupons were redeemed in under 2 hours on average, from the shopper reserving the coupon to redeeming in store
  • Mobile and social – advertising in social media channels drove highly engaged visitors. More than 2/3 that clicked through from ads on Facebook and Instagram added a coupon to their wallet
  • More store visits – the availability of mobile coupons, together with digital advertising served near to stores, doubled the number of stores that were visited to redeem coupons

For Marisa Hoyuela, Marketing Director of Lupa Supermercados, “This test confirms the value of mobile coupons, since they allow our customers to use a method that they mostly prefer, and this generated visits to 20 additional stores compared to other discount methods.”

Iván Gómez, General Manager of savi Spain, said “We were really interested to see how well adopted and confident shoppers were with mobile coupons during these trials. The fact that mobile coupon redemptions were so fast also suggests that there’s a real opportunity for brands to drive more impulse trips through mobile coupons.  We’re really excited to make this available to shoppers, brands and retailers across Spain.”

Here in the UK, we’ll be launching a mobile coupon trial in the convenience sector early in 2021. Please get in touch if you’d be interested to find out more.

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