Handling Customer Complaints From Home


Resolving complaints in FMCG

When a customer has a negative product experience, FMCG brands want to address the issue by compensating the consumer to keep them on side, preferably providing them with a replacement product. FMCG brands usually manage this in one of two ways:

  • Posting replacement products to the customer
  • Mailing compensation vouchers to the consumer for them to source replacement products, using existing retail distribution.

The former is often not cost effective in FMCG, with shipping costs high relative to the cost of the product. It is also coordinated from central operations. This has become more challenging with more teams working remotely or on disturbed shift patterns in warehouses,

The second approach reduces the postal cost, but vouchers are often centrally distributed still, leading to backlogs.

A digital solution

With cases of Covid-19 on the rise again and European countries increasing the level of restrictions, more brands are now turning to savi to help them digitise their customer care solution.

Through our web-based interface, you can now resolve the issue entirely digitally, wherever your call agents are based. Customer Care teams can choose the level of compensation and send unique, personalised links to customers for reimbursement. Through the same interface, agents can also issue coupons and vouchers that customers can print at home or order paper vouchers which savi sends out on the brand’s behalf.

They can also assign values to different business units to support cost allocation and generate business insight.  Is there an issue with ice cream at a certain retailer?  Or maybe people aren’t liking the new detergent.

Leading manufacturers are using the service across multiple markets and currencies. Sometimes agents are located in country and others from regional call centres. One client launched the solution in the UK and found it so intuitive, simple, and cost effective that they rolled it out to a further 18 countries. Another manufacturer has integrated the service into Salesforce CRM to make the experience seamless for their agents.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our Complaint Resolution page or contact us today to find out how we can solve your unique complaint challenges.

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