Coupons are saving Christmas say a third of shoppers


Savi also discovered that of the 2,000 UK adults polled in early November, half are now spending more compared with last year. This comes as no surprise since the Office for National Statistics announced prices are up 11.1% in a year last week. In a bid to find ways to cut back, a third of shoppers said that coupons are an essential part of their current budget, with over half of them admitting that they had only started searching for coupons in the past six months, in line with cost increases.

32% of those polled said that coupons are essential to their budget currently so it comes as no suprise that coupons came out top in their list of favourite shopper promotions. 44% of people said they preferred coupons over loyalty points (39%), discount codes (37%) and other tactics including ‘buy-one-get-one-free’, prize draws and free items.

The poll also revealed that age is a key factor in the cost-of-living crisis with 40% of Gen X (45-54) likely to rely on coupons this Christmas compared to just 28% of Boomers (65+). It also found that whilst food, restaurants, and clothing were the items people most wanted coupons for, 18–24-year-olds preferred coupons for holidays and travel, personal treatments, and restaurants. The data also showed that 57% of women are searching for coupons compared with only 44% of men which links to the fact that a third of women said they are trying to buy less compared with a quarter of men.

Savi’s Managing Director, Tim Collins, said “Our research confirms that Christmas is going to be tough this year, but families seem to be struggling the most. Discounts, coupons and cashback schemes are a lifeline for shoppers trying to stretch their budgets even further, and the brands and retailers who offer them can make all the difference between a good and a bad Christmas for so many this year”.

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Sample size was 2,000 UK Adults who have used promotions when purchasing groceries in the last 12 months. Supplied by OnePoll online and mobile polling.


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