Christmas in July – how to plan your festive mobile coupon campaigns now.

Now that summer is finally here, brands across the nation are gearing up to capitalise on the festive cheer with strategic marketing campaigns. Mobile coupons have become a game-changer, offering a convenient and effective way to boost sales and customer loyalty. Here’s how you can sleigh your Christmas marketing campaign using mobile coupons:

savi Coupon Academy: Ten things we learned.

If you missed savi’s recent Coupon Academy webinar, you really missed out! Our experts delved into a range of marketing and coupon strategies, and we featured an intriguing segment on consumer psychology from behavioural scientist Phillip Adcock, shedding light on how people respond to coupons. Here’s a short recap of the key insights and top ten things we learned:

How a cashback campaign can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Research conducted by savi at the end of last year revealed that one in three shoppers are influenced by cashback promotions. We also learned that the cost of living is driving up their expenditure, resulting in cutbacks across all areas of their weekly spending and not just on food.

savi’s latest survey discovers how shoppers really feel about coupons.

savi, the UK’s premier coupon and voucher solutions provider, recently conducted a follow-up to our 2023 survey, shedding light on the impact of the cost of living on consumers and their shopping habits. This research unveils valuable insights into the preferred shopping methods, loyalty program attitudes, and cost-saving promotions preferences among consumers. Key findings from […]

Coupons are saving Christmas say a third of shoppers

Savi also discovered that of the 2,000 UK adults polled in early November, half are now spending more compared with last year. This comes as no surprise since the Office for National Statistics announced prices are up 11.1% in a year last week. In a bid to find ways to cut back, a third of […]