How a cashback campaign can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Research conducted by savi at the end of last year revealed that one in three shoppers are influenced by cashback promotions. We also learned that the cost of living is driving up their expenditure, resulting in cutbacks across all areas of their weekly spending and not just on food.

Building FMCG brand loyalty without the strain

Brand loyalty experienced a revival last year when both McDonald’s and Asda launched new loyalty schemes and Tesco implemented substantial changes to its Clubcard programme. Despite their popularity among retailers, running schemes like these can be difficult and expensive for FMCG brands, which is why savi has built a solution to enable brands to reward loyal customers and build lasting relationships.

Why coupons should be a part of your strategy

Savi’s recent consumer research confirmed that coupons are essential to consumers as the rising cost of living has spawned a nation of savvy shoppers eager to save money. Nearly a third of the 2,000 UK shoppers we surveyed in November said that coupons are most likely to influence their shopping behaviour, ahead of loyalty points, discount codes, or ‘buy one get one free’ style promotions, but what makes coupons a tactic that brands can no longer afford to disregard?