25% of shoppers want compensation by coupon: How to optimise your complaint resolution


Savi recently polled 2,000 UK grocery shoppers and discovered that a quarter expect to receive coupons as compensation for any problems. We also found out that most shoppers prefer coupons over other promotions such as discount codes, multibuys, or loyalty points. What we learned is that compensating customers with coupons is by far the best remedy for their complaints.

Customer retention and loyalty correspond directly with good customer service, therefore how a business handles complaints is instrumental to its success. Bad customer service can damage more than just reputation – a single review can deter tens of thousands of potential customers whilst good care can convert unhappy ones into loyal brand advocates.

FMCG manufacturers often resolve complaints by sending customers replacement products which is costly, slow, and might require various departments to coordinate the shipping of an item that could be worth less than its postage. The alternative is swift and satisfactory complaint resolution that leaves disgruntled customers feeling content and valued, but to achieve this businesses need to invest more in customer service tools that allow teams to go that extra mile and save the day.

Carelink is savi’s web-based solution that allows manufacturers to resolve customer complaints with coupons digitally and flexibly. Customer Care teams can choose the level of compensation and send unique, personalised links to customers for reimbursement. Through the same interface, agents can also issue coupons and vouchers that customers can print at home or order paper vouchers which savi sends out on the manufacturer’s behalf.

An example of how easy a Carelink interface is to use

The benefits

  • Drive greater customer experience through positive results
  • Attribute costs to different business units and generate valuable insights
  • Compare results across markets or region
  • Integrate with CRM for seamless customer service
  • Capture retail complaints and resolution data

You can read about how one client took advantage of our complaint resolution tool during the pandemic here or contact us today to find out how savi can solve your unique complaint challenges.

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