savi is a marketing technology company. Through our intelligent promotions platform, you can engage shoppers with a comprehensive range of promotions available digitally and in physical formats, redeemable with retailers everywhere, to inspire their purchase decisions wherever they shop.

Consumers and shoppers are becoming increasingly digital, yet grocery retail purchases are made in third party retailer channels and predominantly in store. Through our platform we connect the two.


We deliver proven incentive and rewards strategies across social, online and in store channels to drive customers to your website, branded promotions pages or to engage with your packaging to activate the promotion. These can take the form of cashback offers, paper vouchers or mobile coupons. Promotions are always delivered in your brand, with savi working in the background to track, verify and fulfil redemptions and provide granular real-time reporting.


Our promotions platform is integrated into the retail ecosystem, meaning that a shopper can redeem a savi promotion in any retailer – large or small. We partner and maintain relationships across the retail network ensuring that retailers have the right tools in place to accept promotions securely and easily.


Through the course of the promotion, our platform generates data, tracking the user from click to payment. Which media did they activate the promotion from? Which retail channel did they make the purchase in? How long was there in between? By connecting branded promotional experiences to the point of purchase, we can provide unique visibility into the shopper journey from acquisition to purchase.

In this, savi act as the data processor. We empower our clients and partners to access their data through direct API access, dashboards and custom reports.

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