Smart Coupons – testing mobile coupons in convenience stores


Over six weeks, consumers will be able to access discounts via the savings site Smart Coupons. There, they’ll find up to £15 in savings with offers from brands such as Cadbury’s, Pepsi Max and Chicago Town Pizza. Consumers will be able to use these mobile coupons directly from their phone, with no need for paper or cashier validation.

savi’s platform delivers offers into Smart Coupons and redeems them securely, in real time through integration to the ePOS systems with In-Touch and a consortia of ePOS vendors including TRDP and MSP.  The coupons are unique and secure with each code scanned at till instantly matched against eligibility criteria, validated, and the unique code closed so it cannot be used again

The same integration is available to all retailers and ePOS systems that want to accept unique, secure coupons from the leading brands.

Combining savi’s platform and InTouch Group’s insights, we will be able to provide brands with live campaign data as well as deep analysis into product sales.

The pilot will initially take place in convenience stores in and around the Peterborough area, with the aim to roll out in convenience stores nationally later in the year.

UK & Europe Managing Director Charles D’Oyly says “We’ve been striving to make unique mobile coupons a market-wide reality over the past year in Europe and I’m thrilled that we are now bringing this capability to the UK. The convenience sector is a huge area of growth and opportunity for our clients and a natural choice for brands to drive impulse purchases through 100% digital experiences”. 

Visit Smart Coupons today and see what’s on offer. 

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