Designed for retailers and merchants of all sizes the platform enables you to scan and validate coupons and vouchers in real time. With instant feedback on the validity of the coupon, including signals to cashiers and ePOS systems, you can award the discount with assurance, knowing you will be redeemed by savi on behalf of the brand rapidly.

To support the differences across the grocery ePOS landscape, including those retailers with multiple ePOS vendors across their estate and those who wish to receive mobile coupons securely but at a lower frequency, retailers can choose to connect ePOS directly via API (perfect for high volume, high speed environments) or through a web based interface.


Connect your ePOS system(s) through APIs for immediate system-to-system validation. As it’s a cloud based solution, there is no hardware or software required and it is agnostic of ePOS manufacturer. Even the oldest ePOS versions have proven able to connect. The system has been successfully tested on the largest transaction volumes in European supermarkets.

Implementation effort varies by ePOS system and the complexity of your integration, but from experience the integration can be completed, tested and live in a matter of weeks. One retailer completed implementation, including testing, in as little as 10 days of developer time.


Designed for smaller retailers and specialist merchants that want to accept mobile coupons, securely, from leading FMCG brands, but don’t wish to connect their ePOS directly. A simple, secure web interface enables you to check and validate the coupons in real time. Use a smartphone, laptop, tablet or whatever device(s) you prefer with no software or hardware required.

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