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Secure, scalable, flexible. From brands publishing promotions to retailers accepting them, our platform powers promotions in FMCG.

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Whether you’re a brand putting a promotion into the market, or a retailer accepting a promotion from a shopper, you can do so with confidence and control with the savi promotions platform.


Regularly assessed by the leading manufacturers and retailers, the platform is approved for worldwide application.  We also regularly run our own security assessments and penetration testing to ensure that our platform is safe and secure.


Built upon a highly scalable architecture and hosted with Amazon Web Services the platform is designed to handle promotions of all sizes, in an ever-growing list of countries, currencies, sectors and business applications.


Whether publishing offers to brand owned sites, affiliates, retailers websites and loyalty schemes, or through white label campaign pages; or redeeming at ePOS in real time via API or through manual processes – the platform is built to accommodate the needs of our clients and shoppers across the globe

Platform capabilities

Promotion Controls

Set volume limits, valid products, where to publish and more

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Publishing Promotions

Each promotion can be published to multiple media channels, with flexibility in how and where they can be displayed

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Accepting Promotions

Retailers of all sizes can accept coupons simply and securely

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Accessing Data

Data is available to it’s owner through dashboards or via API for complete access

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