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Outsource the redemption and settlement
of digital and paper coupons

savi handles the forecasting,
handling and processing of funds between the promotion issuer and the receiving retailer
to support cashflow in the industry

Secure, quick and reliable service

Outsource all reimbursement operations between brands and retailers for promotions that have been used by shoppers in store.

Proven financials controls

Track each promotion through its entire lifecycle, from set up until final payments clear the bank.  Stay informed and in control of what happens to your money via our platform.


Single point of contact

Use one supplier to streamline operations and manage all the logistics and interactions with multiple brands. Reduce financial overheads by receiving one single payment from savi.

The savi difference

savi is committed to being an integrated part of retail and finding new ways to reach and engage shoppers.


We have over 50 years' experience in the clearing and settlement of promotions, with over €1.8 billion funds managed per year.


We help our clients to diagnose and address their campaign challenges so that they can manage their promotional spend more effectively.


We bring together our people, expertise, processes and technology to manage risk. Store-level analysis is also available for retailers to control fraud.


We provide regular reports to brands and retailers providing data on redemptions, trends in promotions and amounts owed.

Case Study

FMCG leader reduced operational complexity with redemption modelling

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Optimise the redemption and settlement of promotions

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