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Independent Trade Activation

Persuade independent retailers and convenience stores to stock your product

Win sales from independent retailers and visualise your route to market using
savi intelligent promotions

A simple solution to increase reach and engagement

savi orchestrates the whole process
and tracks the interaction at each step so
you can see your products’ path to shelf.

One Code Connects

A single, unique voucher code connects your sales force, the  retailer, and wholesaler, tracking how your products get to shelf.

Redeemable in store or online

Give the retailer the choice of using a secure paper voucher in store at a wholesale outlet, or redeeming the promotion digitally if they take delivery of stock

The savi difference

savi's solution bridges digital and offline interactions, providing business intelligence however the independent retailer chooses to engage.

Your Brand Experience

Promotions are designed with you, in your brand. savi works in the background to make it all work.

Easy Set-up

Based on years of experience, we’ll help you design the right promotion to drive engagement and get it to market quickly.

Retailer Choice

Our solution allows you to give retailers the choice to engage with your brand digitally or in person.

Tried, Tested, Trusted

savi process huge volumes of promotions, ensuring consistency of service quality.

Case Study

Leading chocolate brand engages hard-to-reach independent retailers

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