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One platform to power FMCG coupons,
whether digitally distributed, printed on
physical formats, or omnichannel

Proven effectiveness for over 50 years,
evolving for the modern FMCG shopper.

The Coupon Evolution

Paper and digital coupons are not separate, they are an evolution of the same product, designed to maximise choice to brands, shoppers and retailers. Learn how we are driving that change and the benefits it brings.

Digitally distributed coupons

Distribute unique coupons securely through your websites, social, CRM and other channels, or publish to affiliates, giving the consumer choice to redeem directly from their mobile or to print for nationwide use.

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Secure paper vouchers and coupons

Augment your physical channels to inspire purchase with security controls in place. Include on pack, on leaflets, in doordrops, or on highly secure hologrammed high value vouchers.

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Case Study

A chilled food brand expanded sales of its new product by adopting a multi-channel approach

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Influence shoppers to engage with your brand

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