Solutions for Media Publishers

Engage your audiences with relevant promotion content that they value

Integrate brand promotions into your online destination to drive engagement

Funded by brands, delivered by you

Brands work with savi to design and distribute promotions to achieve their goals. We enable partner publishers to distribute that content as part of their brand experience.

Segment for relevance

Control the promotions available to your readers by category, manufacturer, value and other variables. Optimise for maximum return.

Controlled integration

savi enables partners to deliver the best experiences for your audience and your brand. From fully managed galleries to self-controlled integration through API.

Connect with leading FMCG brands and budgets

The leading FMCG manufacturers and retailers actively promote their brands through savi

The world's most chosen FMCG brands

975 manufacturers published promotions with savi in 2018

70 % of the world's most chosen FMCG brands

£610M managed through our platform

The savi difference

savi's platform lets publishers focus on what they do best - delivering experiences that engage audiences and benefit advertisers.

Take control

Publishers choose the right way to connect and present savi content for their business and readers.

Shopper choice

savi enable your audiences to redeem their promotion in the store and channel they prefer.

In your brand

savi work behind the scenes, enabling you to control the experience and take the credit for the value created.

Fully managed. Trusted

Over 50 years' experience managing promotions and settling monies means the biggest players in FMCG trust savi as a key business partner.

Case Study

Famous newspaper publisher launches online saving destination to help families save money

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