Solutions for Agencies

Work with savi to design experiences that
get your client’s products chosen ahead of the competition.

We work with you to achieve your client's objectives through intelligent promotions that influence purchase and create data to prove it

The building blocks for success

Whatever the campaign goal, our promotions platform can be applied flexibly to influence purchase decisions and generate valuable data from a single campaign or a program of activity.  We’ll work with you to propose the best solution.

Partner Approach

Working to our collective strengths, our aim is to achieve your goals and strengthen your client relationships through mutual success.

Promotion and Payment, handled

Promotions involve complex design, stringent processes to ensure security and avoid fraud, and settling often large sums of money between brands, retailers and shoppers.  savi takes care of these parts, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Be it showing the effectiveness of creative ideas in driving shoppers to purchase, connecting the path from media to checkout, or tracking which influencer's audience bought more, we can help agencies deliver work that works - and give them the data to prove it.

Agencies we work wtih





The savi difference

We are independent and support agencies of all types in helping clients to succeed.

You lead and own the experience

Our platform powers the brand experiences designed by you, working in the background so that you control the UX and data.

Committed to partnership

We know what we're good at, and where you are better. We will work with you to maximise value to clients.

Financial security

We have direct financial relationships with clients for the purposes of settling payments, removing cashflow risks from you.

Unrivalled experience

We’ve been executing promotions flawlessly for over 50 years. We’ll share that experience to help us win, together.


Using Influencer Marketing to Engage Buyers and Measuring Impact in FMCG

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