Case Study

German food manufacturer partnered with savi to promote a digital dinner event and give away over 10,000 free products to cook the dinner, receiving 2500 visits in the first 5 minutes.

With such incredible engagement from the moment of launch the client scaled their ambitions from a goal of 3k redemptions to 10k, based on real time reporting and active campaign management with savi.


  • Food and Beverage

10k Customers taking part in promotion

>200 Incoming claims per minute at the peak


How do you carry out a planned dinner event to promote enjoyment of your products when people cannot get together because of a global pandemic? We needed a way to get people together, using the right ingredients and products, at the same time.


We decided to build on excellent product distribution achieved by the client and provide a simple way for the target audience to collect the product from the retail channel of their choice. We needed a mechanic that worked instore and in eCommerce and that provded the brand with 1st party data and appropriate permissions to engage with the consumer in fulfilment of the event. And we needed a way to tell people, at scale!


The campaign was advertised via several touchpoints. On the occasion of the dinner, we gave away a controlled number of the products needed to cook the dinner. Participants simply had to buy the product at a supermarket of choice, upload a picture of their receipt to claim their money back and start cooking. To build excitement and increase engagement, all participants were entered into a big prize draw at the same time.


Within 11 days, there were over 44,000 unique site visitors with a fantastic conversion rate of 24%. Following advertising on a key media channel there were 2500 visits in the first 5 minutes. Engagement was so strong that the client decided to increase the number of products to giveaway twice, from a planed 3k to 10k.

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