Case Study

Alcohol brand drove 100% engagement with a seasonal time-based promotion

A leading summertime drink wanted to capitalise on the season and drive people into bars to be seen with their product.


  • Food and Beverage

100% Of the campaign volume activated by shoppers

21% Of shoppers interacted with the product


A leading alcohol brand wanted to drive product trial in a specific bar chain with a product giveaway that could be tightly controlled for participation and budget.


savi worked with partners to design and execute a time-based campaign with secure unique codes redeemable on a mobile device once only.


The campaign was advertised in media driving people to a landing page where codes were accessible during a time window. Successful applicants got a unique code to their mobile which could be redeemed at till.


100% of unique codes were claimed before the time window had passed. 58% of those were activated on a device and 21% redeemed in store.

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