16 September 2020

Boost Sales in the Independent Trade

We have launched a new service for  brands to influence independent retailers to stock their product. This is done via a targeted, unique discount and enables them to see their products’ path to shelf.

More consumers are shopping locally

As a result of COVID-19, the Independent trade and convenience sector has seen a resurgence in the first half of 2020. And 46% of consumers across Europe now say that they will aim to shop more locally in the long term than they did before the pandemic [1].

Against this backdrop, manufacturers are turning to partners to support their independent trade strategies. Clients in all parts of FMCG, including confectionery, drink and household products tell us the sector is like a black box to many of them – hard to engage and evaluate. They rarely have enough resource to engage the sector so don’t know who is stocking their products.

A solution to activate the independent trade

In response, we’ve developed a new service that gives brands a direct and cost-effective way to reach independent retailers on an ongoing basis. It secures greater brand distribution and availability within the sector and supports consumer sell-through activities.

We enable brands to engage shopkeepers with discounts. A retailer can then use these at a wholesaler or online. Each retailer is assigned a unique code to track engagement, creating unique data and insight on the path to purchase.

Learn more about the service here or watch our video to see how it works:

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[1] Reuters, Ernst & Young



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